Local Miami SEO Vs. National SEO: What Should You Do?

For a long time, search engine optimization simply was what it was. However, it’s now divided into things like national search engine optimization and local search engine optimization. When it comes to promoting the website for your business, you have to decide which avenue you want to take in terms of the SEO you get involved in.

Keep reading to learn the differences between local Miami and national SEO, and the advantages and disadvantages that each one brings about.

The only real difference between local Miami SEO versus national SEO is that in the case of local SEO, the name of a place is added to the search string or keywords that users put into search engines. For instance, if they type in ’emergency plumbers,’ they would likely get national results in their search listings, although some search engines like Google will prioritize emergency plumbers that are geographically close to them. However, those rankings are based more on their IP address, which if they use a VPN or have an Internet service provider who is found away from them, would result in listings for a location other than where they are.

On the other hand, it would be considered a local search if they put in ’emergency plumbers near me’ or ’emergency plumbers city-state’ and the like. They might even list their county or the neighborhood within the bigger city that they are in. The national listings would usually get blocked out unless there were local franchises of a chain, and only local plumbers would show up.

Hiring a Miami SEO expert for local search engine optimization has some obvious benefits. If your customer base or service area is only in your local community, then it saves money and time to the only market to them. Why would anyone in other cities or states need to know you exist?

On the other hand, if you don’t have a community-centric business, but possibly instead offer some online service or even products you can ship anywhere, then by going only local, you could be missing out on a significant market. This is especially true if you have a niche product that no one else does.

As stated already, doing national SEO can mean reaching out to potential customers and opportunities across the country, if that applies to your business model. Alternatively, you would find yourself competing with everyone else across the country and not just in your immediate area, so getting ranked for some keywords can get complicated very quickly, meaning that SEO wouldn’t quite prove worth the time and effort.

If you’re debating about local SEO versus social SEO, you now know what each entails, what each offers, and what the potential drawbacks are. Based on what your kind of business is explicitly, the decision of which one to go after might be quite obvious. On the other hand, if both of them hold merit, then you’ve certainly got a decision to make. Hopefully, the information presented here makes your path ahead clear, comfortable, and successful.