Do You Know Your Rankings


Do you know rankings for vital keywords?  Is it on the first page of the Google search results at least, it is somewhere back on page 4 or 5 then visitors are going to have a really hard time finding it.  Where you rank and for which terms is something that every site owner should know.  Higher rankings equal more traffic and traffic is what you need to boost your bottom line.

How Customers Search

Google has been around for more than 20 years now and people are smarter about how they search for a product or service and they expect better results as a consequence.  Let’s look at local search results for a minute, most businesses rely on local search results to bring them new businesses.  Customers rely on Google having accurate local results for when you do a search.

Local Search

Local search marketing isn’t something that your business can afford to overlook even if you sell globally.  Starting your marketing efforts on the local level and expanding as you grow can help increase your market share and shield you from economic downtimes that can plague local economies.  There are sophisticated marketing campaigns that can help you to improve your rankings at the local level thus boosting your business growth.

Competitive Edge

You should not only know your rankings for your keywords but you should also know where your competitors stand as well.  There are tools like SEMrush and aHrefs that can help you analyze SEO competition so you can overtake their positions on the search results page.  Tracking as much data as possible will give you a competitive advantage and show you where you need to make improvements on your site.  When it comes to small local businesses that competitive advantage may be the difference between your business succeeding and you having to close your doors.

Tracking Your Keywords

You should be tracking your keywords on a weekly or monthly basis to see where your site stands and how you increase your SEO traffic.  There are a handful of tools that will track your keywords so you can see if there is any movement.  At the same time you should also have Google Analytics installed so you have an understanding of where your traffic is coming from.

SEO is an ongoing process, it needs constant monitoring and tracking so you know exactly how your website is doing, how you compare to competition and just where to make improvements.