SEO for Better Traffic

SEO for Better Traffic

One of the reasons that you need a successful SEO campaign for your website is so that you get more traffic.  Ranking higher means more people see your site and click on your links in the search results page.  That still means that you need to do SEO right for better traffic and here’s how we do that.


Your site content needs to be on point and engaging, it has to help people understand what your site is all about. Premier SEO experts have been saying for years that content is king so don’t underestimate the need for good content.  You need to make sure that the keywords that you are trying to rank for are included in your content.  You need to get the technical aspects right too, use tags and headings to break your articles up into manageable chunks.  You also need to be careful not to overuse your keywords or you can get penalized for it.


Keywords are the backbone of any SEO campaign.  Once you have done your keyword research and have targeted keywords that you want to rank for you need to know where to put them.  Aside from in the body of your articles you should also place them in the titles, subheadings and in your meta description.  This also helps search engines to figure out what your site is about.

Interlinking and Citations

When you post content to your site you can link to other pages on your site.  This helps readers to find other interesting pieces of content and it helps bots to crawl your site.  You can also link out to authority sites within your niche.  Let’s say for example your site is about health, if you want to cite your source you may end up linking to an article on WebMD or an authority site like that.

Update Your Content Regularly

Search engines, Google in particular, like sites that update content regularly so you should post regular content on your site.  More content can help you rank for more keywords.  Set a regular schedule to add more content and update your site regularly.  If you run out of ideas just check in Facebook groups or on Quora for questions that people are asking concerning your niche, then create posts that answer those questions.

Don’t Forget Your Meta Descriptions

Each and every page on your site should have a meta description that includes your keywords.  It can help people to choose your page when they are scrolling through the search results.  That means more traffic and that is what you ultimately want.